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NDIS Physiotherapy

Atlas Physio is happy to provide services to clients managed under the NDIS. The NDIS is the National Disability Insurance Scheme, which was legislated in 2013 as a means by which the Australian government could fund costs associated with disability. The word 'insurance' refers to the scheme's use of proactive insurance principles to manage long-term financial sustainability, and that it aims to 'insure' any citizen will have costs covered in the event they are born with or acquire a disability.

The scheme went into full operation in 2020, allowing people with a permanent and significant disability under the age of 65 to use government funding to access services that contribute to their wellbeing. Funding is allocated to the individual, and the individual or their guardian chooses which providers supply the funded goods and services (subject to certain restrictions).

You can access NDIS physiotherapy at Atlas Physio through a few different means:

 - If you are a client who is self-managing their NDIS plan, you are free to discuss and access NDIS-funded physiotherapy so long as you have funding in an appropriate category. 

 - If you are a client who has a plan manager or plan management team, you can discuss NDIS-funded physiotherapy with your preferred clinician, and Atlas Physio will liaise with you and your plan manager.

When accessing physiotherapy under the NDIS, the number of appointments for which you are eligible will be determined by your current level of funding in your yearly NDIS plan, as well as the other services that may already have preallocated funding. NDIS clients are encouraged to use their funding to access a broad range of services from different professionals to ensure that their needs are met across the many dimensions of their lives. 

Receiving physiotherapy under the NDIS funding model is different to receiving treatment as a private client, so please take note of the following:

1. You will need an NDIS plan, an NDIS number, and you will need to have an appropriate amount of funding preallocated in your plan. 

As part of subsidised services, you will have received an NDIS plan number. It is important to have this ready when you meet your therapist - it's how we bill for our services. If you do not have your claim number, you will need to provide us with your name and date of birth.

 - Self-managed clients will need to provide the plan number, as well as plan funding details so we can calculate the number of sessions required based on the funding allocated in the plan.

 - Plan-managed clients will need to provide the name of your plan manager or plan management company, and the best contact details with which to liaise with them. 

 - Your NDIS plan will need to have funding preallocated for physiotherapy under the appropriate support category. If you are unsure if your plan allows you to access physiotherapy, we will work with you and clarify your entitlement following assessment. 

If you cannot provide an NDIS number, and do not have the details of your plan available, you will not be eligible for subsidised rates at the time of your appointment. You will still be able to access physiotherapy services at standard rates, and you will still be provided with receipts.

2. You do not need a medical referral to access physiotherapy treatment under the NDIS. 

As an NDIS client, you do not need a medical referral to access physiotherapy treatment at our clinic. You can approach the clinic independently or via a plan manager, and we will take care of the rest. If you would like, Atlas Physio can reach out to your nominated medical representative and seek reporting as may be needed on your behalf. 

3. NDIS referrals require assessment and reporting. 

As part of receiving subsidised physiotherapy treatment, Atlas Physio is obliged to conduct ongoing reassessment of your progress, and provide reports of your progress to the relevant authorities and individuals when requested as well as at regular intervals. This means that details of your treatment and your response to it will need to be submitted. Atlas Physio will take every measure to respect your privacy and minimise exposure of your information. For more information, you can refer to our consent form. 

4. Subsidised treatment rates are different to standard rates. 

The schedule of fees published by the NDIS specifies the maximum amount paid for in an appointment. Atlas Physio WILL NOT charge you more than this rate for a standard consultation. You will still be liable for gym memberships, equipment purchases, and any out-of-clinic expenses. If you are a new patient, your first appointment will be an initial assessment at normal duration and cost. For more information on appointments and appointment fees, you can refer to our  index of fees.

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