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Tendinopathy / Tendinosis / Tendinitis

Tendinopathy, Tendinosis, and Tendinitis all refer to the pain, swelling, and disruption of functions in tendons throughout the body. Typically, the pain is worse with movement, and common sites that may be affected are the rotator cuff, the elbow, wrist, hip, knee, or ankle.

Tendons are bands of connective tissue that attach muscles to other things, such as bones, ligaments, soft tissue or other connective tissue. Some tendons are wrapped in fluid-filled coverings, while others glide around each other. When tendons move and act in repetitive motions throughout the day, they can become worn down and inflamed. It is from this that the term Tendinitis is derived; Tendin = tendon, itis = inflammation. The term Tendinopathy is broad, and refers to any pathology that might affect the normal function of a tendon.

Everyone in the population has the potential to experience Tendinopathy throughout their lifetimes regardless of the nature and vigour of their physical activity. Tendinopathy typically presents with inflammation, as well as pain on specific movement which eases with rest. There are many risk factors that can make someone more likely to experience Tendinopathy; including personal, occupational, sporting, and structural elements.

Management of Tendinopathy depends on the cause of the pain, how it feels and changes over the day, what makes it better or worse, and the length of time you have been experiencing the pain. All of these factors will be addressed in your initial assessment, which is the first step towards minimising and managing any pain or discomfort. The treatment you receive will be tailored to address the specific cause of your Tendinopathy Pain, and will focus on minimising pain, maximising your ability to move pain free, and developing a plan to minimise the risk of a flare-up in the future.

At Atlas Physio, we will provide you with education, structured management, and ongoing monitoring of your pain both in and out of the clinic. Contact us to arrange an assessment, and to take the first step on a course of corrective care today.

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