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Ultrasound and ultrasound techniques use sound waves with frequencies higher than those audible to humans. These sound waves are generated by an ultrasound machine and are applied to tissues by an ultrasound projector. Ultrasound is commonly used in medical imaging of soft tissues and of expectant mothers, and can also be used in the treatment of muscle pain and discomfort.

In clinic, ultrasound can be used in the management of soft tissue pain. Applying ultrasonic energy to soft tissues can increase blood flow, reduce stiffness, and reduce spasm due to the absorption of sound energy by those tissues and structures under the ultrasound projector. This sound energy has a mechanical effect upon soft tissue. The result of this is that appropriate use of ultrasound can reduce pain and improve function.

Ultrasound is not an end-all treatment, and its use will depend on the nature of your problem and its context. Ultrasound treatment will not be applied in isolation, and will be combined with prescribed exercise, stretching, and other physical modalities to best address the source of your discomfort.

Not every patient will be appropriate for ultrasound treatment. Ultrasound modality in the clinic will be used depending on the discretion of your treating clinician as well as the nature, history, and context of your presenting discomfort. Feel free to discuss this treatment with your clinician, either in appointment or during your initial consultation

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