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Well here we are.

Here in Melbourne, it's been two weeks following the reopening of the city and the resumption of normal life. Well, at least it's the resumption of living as close to normality as we can. Bars, gyms, and sports are all coming back and people are spending more time out of doors in the admittedly terrible weather (Thanks Dan Andrews) and more importantly, people are picking up the pieces of lives that have been left on pause for the better part of two years. Cleaning out the rooms, if you will.

In clinic, I'm seeing people crop up with fresh injuries from returning to the gym, returning to training, and even just getting out and about more. This isn't unexpected, people usually flare things up when they start to move after a long time sitting still. It doesn't need to be that way though, just make sure to take things easy and scale things up proportionately.

The name of the game is sustainability.

I'm practicing it in my own life as well. During 2021-2021 I worked a nine to five job, kept this clinic open, and studied as well. That was inbetween starting and maintaining personal relationships as well as responding to the pandemic. I worked every single day for the past two years. It's not sustainable and I burned out. Now, I'm young, so I can chalk that up to my own feeling of invincibility and my ability to bounce back. I won't be able to bank on those things forever. Some people can't do that now.

Take it slow.

There's a rush to get back to things that I can empathise with a little. We all want to cut loose, we all want to go lick the floor of a bar and then cough into the open mouth of an octogenarian because we haven't been able to do that in two years. Believe me, I want to do it too, and that's the bit I can empathise with. But I don't want to do it all at the same time. In life and in health, it's better to scale into things sustainably and slowly, sus out the tricky bits, and then move on.

The world's opened up again, and it'll be there tomorrow.

So take it easy, take it slow, and remember that it's about mileage at the end of the day. The same idea can be applied to exercise; start off slow and monitor how you go. Shake out the problems and then ramp it up a little. Just make sure to take your time. You don't need to be spectacular and do it all at once. Sometimes the most spectacular thing you can do is the little bit you need to get started or keep regular, and that's more than enough for now.

So take it slow, take it easy, and make sure to take breaks. You'll get more out of it if you do that.

Good to be back, friends!


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