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Ergonomic Testing

Ergonomic testing is the assessment, modification, and trialling of assistive devices and working setups with the aim of maximising comfort and minimising the risks of maintaining postures over a long period of time.

As a consequence of modern life, we often need to assume static postures for long periods of time. Desk workers, drivers, telephone operators and other people who work for hours on end in specific postures are at risk of developing muscle stiffness and pain. People who work in dynamic jobs such as skilled tradesmen, public service workers, technical professionals and mechanics also have demands placed on their bodies due to the dynamic and effortful nature of their work.

These risks can be minimised by looking at workspaces, seating, and vehicle cabs, and adjusting their arrangement to best fit the person. No two people are built the same way, and no two people move the same way. The subtle differences in our anatomies produce different demands from our environments that often go unmet due to time, resource or attention constraints.

Ergonomic testing bridges the gap between how our bodies move best and the limitations of the environment. Through prescription of appropriate seating, appropriate desk setup, and the assessment of the demands of your workplace, you can effectively minimise the risks of injury and strain, and enjoy a comfortable working environment.

Consider discussing an ergonomic assessment with your treating clinician if you are interested in enjoying the benefit of continued comfort and painfree movement, at work and at home.

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