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At Atlas Physio, our mission is to support our clients through times of ill-health and distress, and to work in collaboration to build, improve, and sustain our clients' capabilities to access and respond to the unique demands of their lives and the world around them, and to engage with physical activity in an easy, painfree, and minimally effortful manner.


Atlas Physio is founded on four core principles: Support, Accessibility, Flexibility, and Effectiveness. This model informs the quality of treatment we deliver and the manner in which we work with our clients.


We work to support our clients through injury and rehabilitation. This involves thorough education and planning in clinic, as well as liaison with clients outside of the clinic to ensure safety. This also involves liaison with medical professionals, referral to specialists and advocacy for care. Support through healthcare is the foundation of a healthy client-therapist relationship and has been proven to be essential in ensuring good patient outcomes.


We provide services that are accessible to members of the community. This includes physical access such as wheelchair-accessible and accessible facilities in clinic, as well as acknowledging and respecting the bodies of our clients. The principle of accessibility extends to availability and pricing. We will make ourselves as available as possible to meet the requirements of our clients by offering after-hours and public holiday treatments, as well as offering accessible pricing, comparable to that offered by Medicare, ComCare, and the TAC.


We offer flexibility in scheduling, service delivery and in planning. We offer an accessible schedule and will do our best to accommodate changes in individual availability, as well as changes in individual capacity. We are happy to provide services in homes, nursing facilities, and in the community. We are happy to accommodate requests for changed appointment times with sufficient notice. We are happy to accommodate changes in patient planning, timeframes and treatment models, and to make these changes promptly to minimise treatment disruptions.


We promise effective, evidence-based treatment conducted in a professional and forthright manner. We will deliver this treatment after discussion of its effects, within the context of a plan, and under continued monitoring and review. We will provide this treatment with a view to enhancing patient independence, so that gains made within the clinic can be retained in daily life. This will often involve the creation of a treatment plan in collaboration with the patient, as well as the development and refinement of that plan as time continues.

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