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At Atlas Physio, we treat people from all walks of life and of all ages, nations, creeds and identities. We know that because of the diversity of our clientele, that we are working with a diversity of life contexts - some are students, parents, athletes, professionals, tradespeople, retired, and an infinite combination of those and many more factors. Peoples' lives look different, so peoples' needs look different. That's why at Atlas Physio, our treatments are tailored to address the unique goals and demands of our clients and their lives, whatever they may be. 


Our treatments are designed to be simple, sustainable, and successful, to make sure that our clients achieve their results and get back to living in a pain-free, easy, and minimally-effortful way. We understand that peoples' lives are complex, unique, and so requires individual care, consideration and planning to help our clients achieve their best outcome. 

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At Atlas Physio, we use simple treatments that can be done anywhere, anytime, for however long is comfortable. Our clients don't need to come to the clinic to use specific or elaborate machines, don't need to devote hours out of their day to complete a complicated program, and don't need to spend money on exercise equipment or gear that might not be used longterm. Life is complicated enough, which is why our treatments are easy to do, easy to repeat, and easy to complete in our clients' own time.


We know that everyone has commitments - our clients have work, family, study, sport, and recreation that they want to get back to. At Atlas Physio, we make sure to design a treatment plan that is accessible for our clients, and which accommodates their timetables and preferences. We make sure that the treatments we offer are financially, personally, and practically sustainable for the people we treat, and are happy to work in collaboration with our clients to get the most out of the time that we have together.


At Atlas Physio, we seek to add value to our clients' lives with every action, report and communication. With that in mind, we make sure that everything we do in our time with our clients helps them achieve results that are meaningful to them. There's no point in doing treatment that won't help, and there's no point spending time on something that doesn't address the needs of our clients. We focus on success, whatever that may look like - from getting back to playing sports, to spending time with family, to returning to work after an accident, we prioritise the individual, and we emphasise achievement. 

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