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Therapeutic exercise is the development, prescription, and monitoring of an exercise program with the aim of improving and consolidating function over time.

The use of exercise as medicine has been well-established since the sixteenth century, and the benefits of an exercise program are extensive. Independent exercise programs offer simple, flexible, and adaptable means by which you as the patient can continue to enjoy free and easy movement outside of the clinic.

Simple exercise programs involve the prescription of basic movements to capitalise on gains made in the clinic. For example, if stretching, massage and manipulation of one joint improves its flexibility, you will receive a program of exercises designed to maximise and maintain those improvements out of the clinic as well. These exercises will most likely be based on the exercises that you performed in clinic, and will be developed in consultation with your treating clinician.

More complex exercise programs involve the prescription of programs composed of many different movements. These programs may require initial supervision in a gym environment as well as monitoring to make sure the prescribed exercises are appropriate. These programs may be developed in consultation with doctors or physiologists to maximise their effectiveness.

Not every patient will be immediately appropriate for exercises. The exercises you receive will be tailored to you and your desired clinical outcome, as well as closely monitored for effectiveness. Feel free to discuss your exercise program with your clinician, either in or out of the clinic.

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