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Massage is the manipulation of soft tissues in the body, and is commonly applied with hands, fingers, elbows, or a device. Massage is used for the treatment and reduction of muscular tension, pain, and for stress.

There are many schools of massage therapy, and many means by which massage can be used in clinic. At Atlas Physio, massage is used for treatment and assessment. In treatment, massage can be used to increase the capacity of a joint or muscle to move without pain. In assessment, massage and the repeated application of low-intensity force can be used to investigate areas of tendonous or muscular tenderness and sensitivity, and to alleviate that sensitivity through the application of physical pressure.

Typically, massage performed in clinic will be performed alongside other treatments, to best address the problem and to increase the likelihood of longterm functional improvement. While massage alone can be useful for the treatment of individual problems, the application of massage with other treatments boosts the effectiveness of those treatments and can amplify their clinical effect.

Not every patient will be appropriate for massage. The use of massage as a treatment in clinic will depend on the discretion of your treating clinician as well as the nature, history, and context of your presenting discomfort. Feel free to discuss this treatment with your clinician, either in appointment or during your initial consultation.

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