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Shin Splints

Shin Splints refers to pain felt anywhere along the shinbone (tibia) from knee to ankle. Shin Splints are caused by an inflammation of the muscles, tendons, and bone tissue around the tibia, and are commonly experienced by runners, dancers, and people who need to walk for work.

Pain from Shin Splints is commonly due to Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome, in which there is an inflammation of the structures around the Tibia, which is the primary loadbearing bone of your lower leg. Pain due to Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome often becomes worse on sustained, repetitive activity and becomes better with rest.

Shin Splint Pain may also be caused by a Stress Fracture of the Tibia. Stress Fractures occur due to repeated force applied to a bone which results in gradual traumatic damage of that bone over time. While the bone may not break, this pain is referred to as Osteogenic Shin Splint Pain (Osteo = bone, genic = coming from).

Shin splint pain may also be caused by tendinopathy, compartment syndrome, infection within the calf, or nervous entrapment, all of which have the potential to interact with structures within the lower leg.

Management of Shin Splints depends on the cause of the pain, how it feels and changes over the day, what makes it better or worse, and the length of time you have been experiencing the pain. The treatment you receive will be tailored to address the specific cause of your Shin Splints, and will focus on minimising pain, maximising your ability to move pain free, and developing a plan to minimise the risk of a flare-up in the future.

At Atlas Physio, we will provide you with education, structured management, and ongoing monitoring of your pain both in and out of the clinic. Contact us to arrange an assessment, and to take the first step on a course of corrective care today.

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