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Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries are common occurrences, regardless of whether you are a professional athlete or a recreational sportsperson. Sports training places dynamic and increasing physical demands on the athlete's body, and the management of Sports Injuries is an essential part of training, competition, and conditioning.

Everyone who engages in physical activity has the potential to experience a Sports Injury. From simple activities like walking and jogging, to team sports such as AFL Football, Rugby, and Soccer, every player can be injured due to external or internal causes, regardless of how fit or healthy they may feel. Common Sports Injuries include injuries to the Shoulder, Back, and Knee, as well as the Wrists and Ankles depending on the sport in question.

Sports Injuries are managed in a three-step process: identifying the nature and cause of the injury, determining where the athlete wants to get to in the course of their rehab, and creating a plan to achieve that end.

The management of Sports Injuries is a dynamic and ongoing process, designed to progress the injured athlete from their initial injury, back to their desired level of performance in a supportive and timely manner. With this in mind, physio rehab for Sports Injuries will focus on rebuilding your capacity to perform to your desired standard, and may include supervised training and team liaison. The treatment you receive will be tailored to minimise your pain, maximising your function, and progress you to your desired level of performance.

At Atlas Physio, we will provide you with education, structured management, and ongoing monitoring of your pain both in and out of the clinic. Contact us to arrange an assessment, and to take the first step on a course of corrective care today

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