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Training and Exercise

Atlas Physio is happy to provide you with supervised clinical exercises in our clinic or in public gyms. Supervised training is useful for those clients who are not familiar with gym environments, need guidance in technique, or who want to engage in exercise after a period of medical unwellness.


Atlas Physio has relationships with local gyms and pilates studios, and will discuss referral to those businesses for those clients who express interest in supervised exercises. However, if you have your own gym that you attend, you are more than welcome to express a preference and discuss that with your treating clinician. Since its founding, Atlas Physio has worked with people and gyms in the North and Northeast suburbs including Thornbury, Northcote, Westgarth, Ivanhoe, Heidelberg, Abbotsford, Darebin, Brunswick, Preston, Coburg, Fairfield, Reservoir and Alphington.

Training is conducted differently to normal clinical sessions - be sure to familiarise yourself with the differences between clinical sessions and training.


Training sessions are not able to be scheduled online. To schedule a training session, dial the clinic on 0400 174 015 to speak to a clinician and to schedule your visit.


Training sessions are charged differently to in-clinic appointments. This is to address costs associated with travel, time, and the gym location. Be sure to familiarise yourself with the differences in pricing as noted in the schedule of fees.


Training sessions are eligible for discounts.

Attendance Policy

Once a training session has been scheduled and confirmed, it is your responsibility to be present at the nominated address at the nominated time. 

Cancellation Policy

Training sessions may be cancelled with at least 24-hours notice. 


Training sessions conducted in assisted retirement homes, residential aged care facilities, domiciles and other supervised residences may require our clinicians to liaise with other medical staff. In this event, we will abide by the consent principles stated on our website, and we will always endeavour to respect our patients' confidentiality. 

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