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Your NDIS Plan

NDIS Plans are the backbone and basis of all treatment you receive as an NDIS client. An NDIS plan outlines a client's goals, and how the NDIS, community and private services, and the government all work together to achieve those goals. In order to do this, the NDIS plan considers a client's individual life circumstances: information about a client like disability, living situation, family and social networks, and other factors related to their lives and their unique situations. By considering these factors, the NDIA makes sure that the services they provide are reasonable and necessary: that those services will improve the quality of life and participation of the person for whom they are approved. 

The NDIS plan is a comprehensive assessment that states what you want to achieve, how you want to achieve it, what resources the NDIA are providing to assist in that process, and how those resources are allocated among multiple categories of potential spending. NDIS plans are developed in consultation with the NDIA through one or more meetings in which all of these factors are considered. 

Having a developed and authorised NDIS plan is essential to receiving physiotherapy support as an NDIS client. Having an NDIS plan in place means that your goals have been accepted by the NDIA and can be used to determine what therapy you receive as well as guide its input, and that funding can be allocated to things like sessions of treatment, purchasing equipment, and working with other services as needed. An NDIS plan is designed to provide clarity to you as the client and to the professionals and services with whom you work, so that the money you spend is done so transparently and with accountability, and is spent in a way that supports the things that you want to achieve. 

When you receive physiotherapy services as an NDIS client, the treatment you receive will be reviewed against your goals, your plan, and your timelines to make sure that what is done is relevant to you. This may mean discussing the goals in the plan and how physiotherapy treatment can help achieve those goals. This is important because physiotherapy treatment and management is much more than exercise - your physio can add value to your life and help you achieve your goals by advocating for services, by referring you to other professionals who may be helpful, by ordering equipment and by preparing reports for the NDIA and for anyone involved in your care. The important thing behind all of this is that all of those activities are guided by and in service to your NDIS plan.

Having an NDIS plan means that you have been approved to receive funding from the NDIA to support the goals you want to achieve in your life. This opens the door for you to access services like physiotherapy in a supportive and flexible manner, and ensures that those services are effective within the context of your goals and the things you want to achieve. Your NDIS Plan is your plan for success, and by working with your physiotherapist in line with that plan, you can achieve your goals successfully and sustainably. 

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